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The ProMAX Performance chips for the 968 normally aspirated models have been extensively developed to provide not only a power increase, but also improved smoother running.

All flat spots and anomalies have been engineered out of the original compromise chip (ECU EPROM). To ensure that emissions are not effected, changes beneath 3,000 rpm are minimal. The timing curve on these chips is substantially smoother than the original with the often pronounced step in the mid-range made more progressive.

Power gains at the top end are between 5-10%. Power increases of up to 20% have been recorded on cars fitted with a cone type air filter and free flowing exhaust.

NOTE: For 968 models, there are 4 types of chip. 2 for the USA market and 2 for ROW (Rest of World). USA: 7100A or 7700AT, ROW: 7100R or 7700RT. 7700 only advisable if your engine is in good shape or you want a higher RPM limit for track use.

How can performance be so easily improved? Why didn't Porsche build this performance into the car to begin with? There are many reasons for this. Some cars are deliberately kept in a lower state of tune so as not to get too close to the performance of other models (i.e. marketing reasons). In the case of the 968 - where a 18bhp gain is typical - this was taking it too close to the current 964 models output of 250bhp. In the case of the 944S2, the 944 Turbo was only 39bhp away and the 3.2 Carrera (at the time in 1989) was 232bhp. Other reasons included ensuring the car can use low octane fuel and survive a few missed services.

If you are prepared to use 98 octane fuel (not essential, but best to get the maximum performance) - you can enjoy the performance that your car is actually capable of. Power gains are anything from 10-25bhp (often more) with torque gains of 15-22lbft. NOTE: All power and torque gains are dependent on your car's current engine condition, modifications and induction systems. Power gains can not be guaranteed.

IMPORTANT: Only applicable to cars from the 1985 model year onwards (oval dash 944 models). Early 944 models had a soldered in DME EPROM ('82-'85), hence they can not be upgraded. If you have a 924S or 944 2.5 N/A please check what ECU you have before ordering - see the table below.

Vehicle Details Performance Information Type & Cost
Model Year Capacity HP Gain Torque Gain ECU Number Chip
Porsche 968 1992 - 1995 3.0 18 bhp 17 lbft 0 261 200 070 28 Pin DIP
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