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19 August 2011

Website Updates

Fluids Section

We have recently promoted our fluids section to the front page of the website. In here you can find a selection of the fluids that we keep in stock; below is just a small selection of what can be found:

Royal Purple Oils - Feel the difference!

Royal Purple's Performance Advantages are [1] Increased Horsepower and Torque, [2] Reduced Fuel Consumption, [3] Reduced Emissions and Fewer Oil Changes Needed. Royal Purple's motor oil typically increases horsepower and torque by 1.5% - 3.0%. Performance can be improved further by using Royal Purple products throughout a vehicle (i.e. engine oil, transmission fluid, differential fluid, etc.). Royal Purple's motor oil typically reduces fuel consumption by 3.0% - 5.0%. Royal Purple's motor oil typically reduces emission particulates by more than 20%. Reducing emissions helps to reduce pollution and our impact on the environment. Royal Purple's oxidation stability extends service life beyond conventional lubricants. Fewer oil changes save time and money.

Original ATE Super Blue Racing Brake Fluid - all current stocks

Minimal decrease of boiling point due to excellent water locking properties. Non-foaming when filling and bleeding the brake system. Excellent corrosion protection due to selected additives. High safety tolerance against steam bubbles. Makes brake fluid changing intervals of up to 3 years possible. FMVSS No. 116 - DOT4 and DOT3* SAE J1703 DIN/ISO 4925 Boiling point: at least 280°C (50°C over DOT4) Wet boiling point: 200°C (45°C over DOT4)

Castrol SRF Racing Brake Fluid

Castrol SRF Racing Brake Fluid's unique silicon ester technology absorbs less water than conventional glycol ether fluids and prevents the fluid's high temperature performance from deteriorating. Its wet boiling point of 270°C is vastly superior to the minimum requirement of 155°C demanded by the current US DOT 4 specification. Its ability to withstand temperatures in excess of 300°C and superior resistance to the effects of absorbed water have established Castrol SRF Brake Fluid as the world's premier fluid for the hydraulic brakes used in all forms of motorsport and racing.

All this and more can be found in the fluids section of our website.
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