Superb Value ATE Brake Fluids

03 September 2010

Because of high turn over of these superior quality fluids - you are always assured of the latest product and the best price!

For all Porsche Models

Get one of the very best brake fluids available - great for track, fast road and race use!

Both ATE Super Blue Racing and ATE TYP200 Gold are the same specification brake fluid. The different colour helps to determine when the fluid has been flushed through the braking system. Specification: min boiling point is 280 deg C. with a wet boiling point of 198 deg C. - both have outstanding water binding properties, higher viscosity and hence, are well suited to racing and track application.

When the brake fluid starts boiling, it's too late. Braking gives rise to high brake fluid temperatures. In extreme cases the fluid begins to boil and causes vapour or gas bubbles to form in the brake system. This vapour or gas can be compressed allowing the brake pedal to be pressed all the way to the floor but the vehicles braking system is not functioning properly. Reason enough to check the brake fluid at regular intervals. Independent studies have shown that seven out of ten vehicles need new braking fluid (according to ATE).

When you change brake fluid, always use the correct fluid and not the cheapest one. For lower performance and most pre-1990 road vehicles, a fluid with a one year change interval suffices. For most Porsche models (especially if driven as the manufacturer intended) a higher boiling point fluid is recommended such as ATE TYP200 or ATE Super Blue.

For later Porsche models with ESPĀ® (Electronic Stability Program), you may need to consider a lower viscosity fluid for pure road use (such as ATE SL.6).


You can order this product online, just click on the pictures or this link for TYP200 and this link for Super Blue to go to the respective product page. Both products are available for next day delivery or same day collection.
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